Advanced diesel technology
for reducing fuel use and emissions

Lower emissions, highest performance

Dramatic fuel efficiency with Thermo King’s GreenTech diesel engines. Thanks to biodiesel and HVO compatibility, Advancer GreenTech engines offer drastically reduced emissions, waste and noise pollution, compliant with the most stringent EU standards.

Key benefits

  • Ultra-efficient diesel engine
  • Unmatched range and reliability
  • Reduced oil and coolant temperatures for less component stress and longer-lived engines
  • Bio-fuel compatibility to prepare your fleet for the future of fuel

Available on

Single temp

Built from ambition

  • Fastest pulldown on the market
  • Redesigned from the ground up based on your demands
  • Engine-independent airflow for unrivalled cooling efficiency
Available on the A-360, A-400 and A-500 models
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Mastering Multi-temp

  • Bespoke multi-temp A-Series controller
  • Set point accuracy up to 0.5°C
  • Up to 20% fuel savings
  • Fast temperature recovery
Available on the A-500 model
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