BPW ePower axle +
TK Energ-e pack + TK Refrigeration unit


AxlePower ensures that no energy goes to waste. The trailer-mounted BPW ePower axle allows you to recover energy from the rolling of the wheels and braking and use it to power your TRU electrically. It's a low-cost alternative to cut down fuel usage with electric low-noise power generation. On top of these radically lowered fuel costs, AxlePower lets you capture the full potential of electric cooling while enabling full fleet flexibility on all operational levels.

Key benefits

  • Industry leading Smart Power Management
  • Tractor independent
  • Refrigeration unit can run electrically 100% of the time
  • Zero-emission refrigeration

Ready for anything

Unleash your fleet’s potential with this tractor-agnostic, trailer-mounted generator. Prepare for the electrification wave and get ahead of future regulations. Use the generator wherever you need it, the choice is yours!

  • Configure your fleet to meet customer demands
  • Pick any tractor to fit your AxlePower trailer
  • Long-haul or urban delivery
  • No need to charge along the way
  • Standard or extended Energ-e packs according to your needs
ePower Axle ePower Axle by BPW

Available on

Single temp

Built from ambition

  • Fastest pulldown on the market
  • Redesigned from the ground up based on your demands
  • Engine-independent airflow for unrivalled cooling efficiency
Available on the A-360, A-400 and A-500 models
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Mastering Multi-temp

  • Bespoke multi-temp A-Series controller
  • Set point accuracy up to 0.5°C
  • Up to 20% fuel savings
  • Fast temperature recovery
Available on the A-500 model
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  • Full-electric cooling performance
  • Compatible with multiple power sources
  • Real-time data visibility
Available on the A-500e model
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