on fuel

Advancer, our latest trailer refrigeration unit, presents a wide array of advantages – including many industry-firsts and an unprecedented fuel-efficiency.

For the first time in the industry, you’ll get insights on the total fuel consumption per trip. Thanks to our Eco Governor, you can see how fuel-efficient Advancer really is.

And we’re willing to put our money on the line.

Calculate yourfuel savings

Fill in your total fuel consumption per year to get an estimate on how much fuel you could save switching to Advancer.

If your new Advancer units don’t reach their fuel-saving targets after 1 year, we’ll pay you back the difference.

  • Per year, I spend
  • on fuel.

That's what
you'll save!Or it could
be more.

What's your average ambient temperature? Or do you transport mostly fresh or frozen goods?

Well, all these factors will impact your total savings with Advancer.

Fortunately, our dealers can make a calculation – tailored to your specific needs. They'll fill in your information in the TK SmartSaver application and calculate your savings.

And if you don’t save our dealer’s predicted amount of money, we’ll guarantee you to pay back the difference.

Contact your dealer and start saving money (and fuel)